Rekindle PT 2: The Oxygen That Feeds The Fire

Fire needs oxygen, it feeds off of oxygen to grow in reach and power. In the same way, the fire of God’s presence in us needs oxygen to grow and burn hotter and brighter. The oxygen of the Spirit presence and fire in our lives is prayer, but not just any prayer. Prayer that costs us something, prayer that stops us in our tracks and takes our priority. Prayer that is marked by desperation, humility and brokenness.

Rekindle: Intro

In scripture God is often described as fire. Fire that leads, fire that consumes, fire that protects, fire that purifies, fire that reveals and fire that empowers. The greatest need we have today is to rekindle the fire of God’s presence in us again for the sake of the world around us. Many of us like the idea of being on fire for God but few of us want to do what it takes to fan the flames of his presence. Whatever the cost, whatever it takes, it's time for us to rekindle the fire of his presence again.