Dawn—The Darkness Cannot Prevail

Dawn —The Darkness Cannot Prevail

How do you feel about the state of the world right now? It can be depressing to look around us because it seems as though things are just getting worse, getting darker. The story of the coming of Jesus is a story of the victory of God over the best efforts of the kingdom of darkness to overthrow the rule of God on the earth. The gospel of Matthew begins with a genealogy that may seem boring and irrelevant on the surface, but is pregnant with meaning about the purposes and power of God for us even today. Through this genealogy, Matthew is reminding us of the victory of God through every generation and that God is still overcoming the darkness.

CONSECRATED PT 4 - Take Off Your Sandals

Consecrated PT 4-Take Off Your Sandals
As Joshua is on the doorstep of conquest and victory he is confronted by the Commander of the armies of the Lord. In this interaction, Joshua might be expecting to get some battle strategies for the next mission, but instead, when he asks the angel what he is to do, he is told to take off his sandals because he was standing on holy ground. In taking off his sandals, Joshua was being invited to surrender his power, dignity and ownership, and God is still in the business of asking if we would be willing to surrender these things in our own life.

21 Days of Prayer - Invite

21 Days of Prayer Invitation

CONSECRATED PT 3 - Consecrated For Crossing

Consecrated Pt 3: Consecrated For Crossing.

Every great move of God on the earth is ignited by men and women willing to walk through the fire of consecration. It was consecration that prepared Joshua and the Israelites to cross the Jordan into God’s calling.