CONSECRATED PT 3 - Consecrated For Crossing

Consecrated Pt 3: Consecrated For Crossing.

Every great move of God on the earth is ignited by men and women willing to walk through the fire of consecration. It was consecration that prepared Joshua and the Israelites to cross the Jordan into God’s calling.

CONSECRATED PT 2 - Consecrated For Calling

Consecrated PT 2: Consecrated For Calling
Every great outpouring of God’s presence on the earth has been ignited by men and women who first walked through the fire of consecration. Consecration is essential to living out God’s call on our lives.

CONSECRATED PT 1 - Consecrated For An Uncommon Life

Consecrated-PT 1-Consecrated For An Uncommon Life
There is a word found repeatedly in scripture that God is deeply passionate about. It is the word we have heard the Holy Spirit calling our whole church to in 2024. It is consecration. But what does that word mean and why is it important to God?


Three things marked Jesus’ life: the presence of God, formation into the image of God and a life of responsive mission. Our vision is to see the invasion of God’s kingdom on the earth as it is in heaven through us. To do that, we must live the way of Jesus for the renewal of Niagara by becoming people of presence, formation and mission. In order to be people of presence, formation and mission we need to order our lives around scripture, spiritual practices and dependence on the Holy Spirit’s gifts and power. These were the training tools of Jesus and they are the things that we need today so that we can become people of presence, formation and mission.


Our vision is to see the people of God live the prayer of Jesus “may your kingdom come and your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” We long to see our cities filled with men and women who’s lives have become living cathedrals of God’s kingdom presence and power. We long to see the church realize again that we are the place where heaven touches earth, our lives are meant to be the place through which heaven invades the earth. The problem is often that we are building our lives with the wrong blueprints, not the blueprints of the kingdom to build cathedrals of God’s presence, but the blueprints of the world, the flesh and the devil to build castles and fortresses.

VISION 2030 Pt2: People living the way of Jesus through apprenticeship to Jesus

We long to close the gap between what we read in scripture and what we experience in our every day lives. If we are called to be these living cathedrals of gods, kingdom presence, and power on the Earth, as it is in heaven, there must be a way for us to begin living the reality of heaven. The invasion of gods kingdom on earth as it is in heaven through us begins with living the way of Jesus, for the renewal of Niagara. But what does it mean to live the way of Jesus?


Vision 2030—PT 1: On Earth As It Is In Heaven Through You

What is the will or heart of God on the earth? It is found in the great prayer of all prayers, “your kingdom come and your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” The will of God is invade the earth with his tangible presence and kingdom. That prayer is not only good theology, we are called to live it the way Jesus himself lived it.

In this first part of our Vision 2030 series we are taking a 30,000 foot view of God’s vision for our lives and our church, the invasion of his kingdom on earth as it is in heaven; through you. We are calling ourselves out of small thinking and a spirit of limitation. We are calling ourselves to repent for living dependent on our own strength and capacity. We are calling ourselves to become a living cathedral of the Father’s tangible kingdom on the earth as it is in heaven.


Foundations Pt 13:
The gift of evangelism and shepherd/pastor. What really is the gift of evangelism and what really is the gift of shepherd/pastor? Maybe we’ve been thinking about the shepherd from a one-dimensional reality that doesn’t give the full picture of what it means to not only care for the sheep, but go to war for them in spiritual places.


Foundations Pt 12:
What does it mean to operate in a spiritual gift? Why does Paul call them manifestations and what do the manifestations of the Spirit through encouragement and teaching look like? What about the 5-fold list in Ephesians 4, are those gifts or offices, or both?


Foundations Pt 11: The Manifestations of God’s Love
The spiritual “gifts” that Paul talks about in 1 Corinthians 12, 14 and Romans 12 are not things that a distant and far away God send down to his people. They are the very evidence of His presence, character and heart. That is why Paul calls them manifestations, because the manifest the tangible presence of God. Not only does God manifest his power, he also manifests his heart to love and serve and support.