An Intentional Life: Pt 5

One of the essentials to an intentional life is knowing the voice of the Holy Spirit and being willing to obey and depend on his gifting and power. We are very familiar with the voices of our own desire and the desires of culture around us, but are we familiar with the voice of the Holy Spirit? Are we following his intentionality for our lives or the intentionality of the world, our flesh or the Devil.

An Intentional Life: Pt 4

There were three things that Jesus did with consistency in his life that were profoundly intentional. These things were how Jesus was discipled and how he discipled others. 1) He submitted his life to scripture. 2) He engaged in daily spiritual practices (disciplines). 3) He depended on the Holy Spirit’s gifting and power. If we are going to be formed into the image of Jesus for the sake of the world around us we need to be intentional as well. In this fourth week of the series pastor Andrew will talk about how we can be shaped by scripture and how we can engage with scripture in meaningful ways in our life.

An Intentional Life: Pt 3

We are all being spiritually discipled and formed, the question is: who (or what) is doing the discipling? For most, it is their screens, social media platforms and the winds of culture. If we want to be formed into the image of Jesus we are going to need to live an intentional life. This coming week pastor Alex will be talking to us about the key to Daniel’s ability to live as an exile and not be formed by Babylon. Hint: It was the revival culture he grew up in under Josiah the King

An Intentional Life: Parenting Kids

We are being spiritually formed (or discipled) whether we like it or not. The question is who or what is doing the forming in our families? If we are honest, our culture is more intentional about discipling our children and forming their outlook on life, values and spirituality than we are. It’s time for us to have an intentional plan to root our families in a Biblical worldview and there is a great starting question we can give our kids. “Does this honour God?”