Foundations Pt 13:
The gift of evangelism and shepherd/pastor. What really is the gift of evangelism and what really is the gift of shepherd/pastor? Maybe we’ve been thinking about the shepherd from a one-dimensional reality that doesn’t give the full picture of what it means to not only care for the sheep, but go to war for them in spiritual places.


Foundations Pt 12:
What does it mean to operate in a spiritual gift? Why does Paul call them manifestations and what do the manifestations of the Spirit through encouragement and teaching look like? What about the 5-fold list in Ephesians 4, are those gifts or offices, or both?


Foundations Pt 11: The Manifestations of God’s Love
The spiritual “gifts” that Paul talks about in 1 Corinthians 12, 14 and Romans 12 are not things that a distant and far away God send down to his people. They are the very evidence of His presence, character and heart. That is why Paul calls them manifestations, because the manifest the tangible presence of God. Not only does God manifest his power, he also manifests his heart to love and serve and support.


Foundations Pt 10: The Manifestation of Faith, Words of Knowledge, Wisdom and Why God Uses His Expressions Of Power Today
We are wrapping up the very loose category of power manifestations with a recap of what Paul means by manifestations, what he might be referring to with the 9 that he lists in 1 Corinthians 12 and why God still uses these today.


Foundations PT 9: The Gifts Of Healings
Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. He is still operating in the same ways, expressing the same compassion and mercy and expressing the nature and character of God to heal.


Foundations Pt 8: Hearing The Voice Of God and The Prophetic (Dr. Rob Reimer)
The most basic underlying need we have is to able to hear and discern the voice of God. Without God’s voice, there is no prophetic ministry. So how are the ways that we can hear God’s voice? How do we interpret his voice? What is the New Testament guideline for how to deliver and use the prophetic in the church today?


Foundations Pt 7: Being Filled With The Holy Spirit
There are many words the Biblical writers used to describe the interaction of the Holy Spirit with those who follow Jesus. The question is what were the Biblical authors trying to describe when using the specific language they did? In this message we are taking a look at Luke’s use of the word “filled” and “full” as well as some of the references to the word “baptism” in reference to the Holy Spirit. How can we best understand the nature and desire of the Holy Spirit in relation to our everyday lives today?


Foundations: Pt 6 The Holy Spirit, Tongues and Interpretation.
Things can get messy when we start entering into the realm of the gifts of the Holy Spirit in public, but the mess and sometimes improper use should never lead us to relegate the gifts to the sidelines. As dysfunctional as the Corinthian church was, Paul wasn’t telling them to stop, he was giving boundaries that were healthy. Part of that is understanding what Paul was teaching by way of correction. What is the gift of tongues that Paul is describing in 1 Corinthians 12-14? Is it the same gift we see released on the believers on the day of Pentecost? How do we use this in our own private devotional life, and more importantly, how do we use this gift in the corporate life of the church? And after all of that, what about interpretation?