"Then Joshua told the people, “Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do great wonders among you.”


consecrate—קָדֵשׁ, ḳādhēsh: “to be set apart,” or “to be holy"

Persons or things being separated to or belonging to God. They are holy or sacred. They are set apart for the service of God.

The Hebrew qadesh and Greek hagiazo are translated by several different English words: holy, consecrate, hallow, sanctify, dedicate. God is said to be qadesh or “holy.” When persons were “consecrated,” they were set apart to live according to God’s demands and in His service.


We are on the threshold of a new seven-year season with fresh vision for the future.

We have a vision to become living cathedrals of God's presence and power. Blazing with the fire of God's presence in us for the sake of the world around us. We see resilient men and women who become the place where heaven meets earth, where light overcomes the darkness and where God's kingdom advances against the gates of hell.


Our 2030 Vision begins with a season of consecration.

We have been immersing ourselves in Joshua 1-5, sensing that God is calling us to learn from and apply the principles found there. One of the key insights from that passage is that consecration precedes a move into God's next assignments and calling.

Like Joshua, we want to be willing to consecrate our lives, offer God more than we ever have. We want to lay it all on the line, being willing to offer God our whole lives; our priorities, time, bank accounts, dreams and desires. We don't want to hold anything back. Why? Because we want to be on the front lines of another great renewal.

In the story of Joshua 1-5 in order for Israel to move into that place of calling and destiny they had to leave their place of bondage (Shittim) to sin, consecrate their lives to God (Gilgal) and receive their next assignment (Jericho).


2023 Year End Consecration Offering

Every year in December we all bring an offering above and beyond our normal tithe so that we can go beyond where we normally go. This year we are kicking off our year of consecration with a sacrificial offering in faith and joy.

Our year-end offerings are used to fund the vision that God has called us to with our building and ministries.