Coming Soon At Mountain Park

Here are the events and connecting opportunities happening next

May 2019

Date: Friday, May 24
Time: 7PM-10PM

Marriage Night is a one-night event for married and engaged couples to laugh and learn as they hear from marriage experts and discover how to honor God through their relationship. The speaker lineup includes Francis and Lisa Chan, Les and Leslie Parrott, and comedian Michael Jr. Mark your calendar and plan to attend—it’ll be worth your time.


Tickets are available for $15 per person. Click below to register to attend Marriage Night at

Time: May 25 (9:00AM-12PM)
Who: Those Who Want To Learn To Pray
Cost: $25 (for course materials)

Are you interested in learning how to pray more effectively? Maybe you’ve wondered what terms like intercession and spiritual warfare mean, or the difference between praying to God and praying for God?

You may have heard some people say “Prayer is just talking to God” and while that is true, (and prayer isn’t a technique), there are principles that we can learn about the how God’s kingdom works and how to engage in powerful prayer of authority, intercession and healing.

We are hosting a 3hr Prayer Masterclass for those who want to go deeper in their prayer life.


Time: May 26 (7:00PM)
Ages: All

If you’re interested in what is happening in the life of our church from a leadership, financial or future vision standpoint we want to invite you to join us for our spring VIP night. We will talk about the budget, the building renovations and the future of our church. We will also take time for Q&A as well as prayer together.

June 2019

Time: Sunday, June 2 (7PM)
Who: All VOLUNTEERS and those Interested

TEAM Night is going to be amazing! We’re going to eat great food together, play some fun games and be inspired by great teaching from Tim and Nadine Saylor from Elevation Church. If you serve OR are interested in serving Team Night needs to be on your calendar!

Time: Sunday, June 23
Time: After church

You won’t want to miss our big SUMMER KICKOFF BBQ after church on June 23. We are heading across the street to Fireman’s Park for a cookout and awesome games for our kids. We’re going to bring summer in the right way!

July 2019

Time: Sunday, July 28
Who: Anyone Interested In Getting Baptized

Our next baptism is coming up at the end of July. If you haven’t been baptized, or your were baptized as an infant we want to invite you to sign up. Baptism for us isn’t about having a squeaky clean past, following all the right rules or being a good-Christian already. Baptism for us is about what you want to do moving forward, it is a symbol of your decision to invite Jesus to be Lord of your life from this point on, it’s about surrendering to Jesus in deeper ways and being commissioned to live for him.

Time: Sunday, July 7
Time: After church

Who doesn’t want ice cream?! We have our first ice cream Sunday of the summer after the service on July 7.

Time: Sunday, July 14
Time: 7PM

We have Worship Nights happening all summer this year! Make sure you stick around after too, you never know what tasty treats we’ll be serving.

Women's Connect

Time: 7:00-8:30pm
Ages: All (No Childcare)

Women, we have a connect group just for you. We are studying a teaching series from Pastor Robert Morris.

Time: 9:30-11:30am
Ages: All (No Childcare)

If you can’t make Wednesday night, we have the same teaching and ministry time with women every Thursday morning.

Men's Connect

Bi-Weekly Wednesday Nights
Time: 7:00-8:30pm
Ages: Men 18 – up
Where: Williams Coffee Shop (Dorchester)

Men we know you need time to connect together to grow in your faith spiritually. We meet as a group to talk about real life and real faith from a man’s perspective. We want to be strong and powerful men of integrity and purpose spiritually.