COVID-19 Response at Mountain Park

(March 20, 2020)
Our Sunday Service and ALL groups are cancelled until further notice. We also encourage small groups to find new ways to connect in this season.

As a church we are implementing a number of online studies and connection points so make sure to follow us on our social media channels and sign up to receive our emails.



We understand that the current situation in our country has left many people confused and wondering where to access reliable information.  We have compiled a list of places to find the most up to date information about what support is available for Canadians right now in response to the COVID-19. Our hope is that good information will help to keep us all safe and peaceful during this time of uncertainty.


Let us pray for you.

If you are struggling with fear or anxiety in this season, or have any other concerns we would love to pray for you.  We have a team of prayer partners praying every day for the needs that come in. Click the button at the top of the page to submit your prayer request.

You can also text “prayer” to (289)205-1984


Let us help with your immediate needs.

If you are in immediate need of groceries or essential items there are a few ways we can help.  First, Project Share is open in Niagara Falls offering emergency food services to our community. To see up to the moment information about their operations in this season or to reach out to them for help please visit their website:

While we are all isolating for safety our active response as a church is limited, but there are some ways we can help if you have immediate needs.

If you are in need of someone to pick up pre-paid groceries or essential items, we have people who can pick up for you and deliver to your door. You can click the button at the top of the page for support and submit your request for help.

If you are financially strained and need help to buy groceries in this season, we may be able to help. You can click the button at the top of the page and follow the prompts to apply for help.

Or, for ALL support related requests, you can text “support” to (289)205-1985


Would you like to help those in need?

As I’m sure you can imagine the needs are great and we as a church are doing everything we can to actively respond to all those who reach out for help.  While we are not meeting as a church family, we still encourage you to give through our online giving platforms so that we can continue to help those who need it most during this crisis.


Additional Information
Canada’s COVID-19 Economic Response Plan

The information we see on the news and in social media can be overwhelming and at times conflicting and confusing. These websites are updated multiple times per day for the most up to date and reliable information in Canada:

These sites include:

COVID-19 updates

Prevention and awareness

Symptoms and treatment options

Travel advice and warnings

Latest updates on the government response to the ongoing crisis

Ontario Provincial Response:

Canadian Federal Response:


Are you concerned about your financial situation?

If you have recently lost your employment or source of income because of the COVID-19 here is the link to options of support provided by the federal government of Canada:

If you are worried about paying your rent or losing your rental home during this time take note that evictions are temporarily halted.

Rest assured Hydro companies will not be disconnecting hydro during this time for unpaid bills.

If you are worried about your mortgage payment many banks are offering deferral of payments. Contact your financial institution for more information:

Banks Customer Service Numbers to inquire about Mortgage Deferral:

AGF Trust 1-866-273-9971
ATB Financial 1-800-332-8383
B2B Bank 1-866-684-5637
BMO 1-877-225-5266
Bridgewater Bank 1-866-243-4301
CIBC 1-888-264-6843
Citi 1-800-667-8424
Canadiana 1-877-315-1633
CFF Bank 1-855-767-3031
CMLS Financial 1-888-995-2657
Connect First 403-736-4000
Desjardins 905-735-3453
Equitable Bank 1-888-334-3313
Effort Trust 1-905-528-8956
First National Financial 1-888-488-0794
First Ontario 1-905-387-0770
Haventree Bank 1-855-272-0051
HSBC 1-888-310-4722
Home Trust 1-855-270-3630
HomEquity Bank 1-866-522-2447
ICICI 1-888-424-2422
Investors Group 1-888-746-6344
Lendwise 1-866-675-7022
Manulife 1-855-518-7546
Marathon Mortgage Corp 1-855-503-6060
MCAP 1-800-265-2624
Meridian Credit Union -1-905-988-1000
Merix 1-877-637-4911
National Bank 1-800-361-9522
Optimum Mortgage 1-866-441-3775
PC Financial 1-888-723-8881
Pen Financial 1-905-688-2044
Scotiabank 1-866-472-6842
Servus 1-877-378-8728
RFA 1-877-416-7873
Radius Financial 1-866-550-8227
RMG 1-866-809-5800
Royal Bank of Canada 1-800-769-2511
TD Canada Trust 1-866-222-3456
Tangerine 1-888-826-4374

COVID-19 Response at Mountain Park
(Updated 03.12.2020)

With the heightened awareness and public concerns related to the spread of the coronavirus virus (COVID-19), we want to assure you that we are carefully monitoring the developments and working with healthcare professionals within our church to make sure we respond appropriately based on the most recent facts and analysis from our provincial and federal governments.

Although the public health risk is low, we have taken proactive measures to ensure that Mountain Park is clean, safe, and that your health and well-being are a top priority for us.

Unless otherwise posted, we will continue to meet as a church for our usual service time on Sunday at 10:30AM with these additional precautions.

1) We have suspended shaking hands in favour of a friendly smile to welcome you at the door. We will no longer shake hands during our normal “greeting” portion of the service.


2) We will have extra hand-sanitizer throughout the building – you are encouraged to use these, as well as continue to wash your hands regularly for the 20 seconds recommended.


3) Our MTN Kids spaces: We have already done extra disinfecting in all kids areas and have been providing hand wipes for the kids as they come into the classrooms each week. We will continue to wipe down all toys and surfaces in the kids area.


4) We will be giving the church an extra deep cleaning in the bathrooms and on “constant touch” surfaces before the service on Sunday mornings.


5) If you think you MIGHT have the coronavirus. We strongly encourage anyone who’s recently travelled outside of the country and is showing symptoms of a fever or cough to continue to self-isolate. If you’re unsure, please call Ontario telehealth before you attempt to see your doctor. 1-866-797-0000

If you’re not feeling well and you’re just not sure, it’s okay to stay home, we’ll be here and excited to see you when you get back.


We will continue to do our best to provide clear and proactive leadership to you as we learn more and respond to ongoing changes and guidelines from our healthcare professionals and the Government.


Lastly, we want to encourage you to choose faith over fear. No one can control what might happen tomorrow, but we can decide how we are going to respond in faith today. We need to be wise and respond appropriately (and we are) on the practical side, but after we’ve done that, we need to walk in peace and faith in Jesus. We’re excited to gather together on Sunday, we can’t wait to see you and we’ll let you know if anything changes in the meantime.


Pastor Andrew and Mountain Park team

Currently Cancelled:

1. MTN Men's Breakfast (Sat morning)
2. Social Sunday (AFTER Service party)